Red Velvet Productions have the following packages, each of them are flexible to the client’s need.


This package is created for those clients who are planning the entire event themselves but would like some help manage the actual event day. Red Velvet Production will ensure an entirely stress-free, enjoyable and a magnificent event that you will surely remember.


This package is designed for clients who are planning the entire event themselves but would like some help managing the logistics and ensuring the cohesive flow of the event. Red Velvet Production will make sure that you can have your dream event without stress or the anxiety that some things will fall through the cracks come event day. This Particular service starts one month before the event.


This particular package is specifically arranged for clients who need help in decision making as well as finding vendors but enjoy being involved in the whole event planning process. This Package will also be suggested to those clients that may have started the event plans but a few weeks or months into the whole planning process they feel a lit bit lost. Red Velvet Production will help the client in the pursuit in finding the remaining vendors, the perfect ideas and to steer yourself clear from all stress.


This package is the full planning and is specifically devised for those clients who are very busy and do not have the luxury of time to deal with the countless details of the event planning process. This is also ideal for clients who are living or working abroad. Basically, Red Velvet Production will research and call vendors, visit sites, and suggest creative ideas. Our company takes pride on its exceptional ideas (color, themes, motifs among other things) that will help every client to attain their dream event.